Merrow Associates Mid Century Metamorphic Table

Merrow Associates

Product description

Merrow Associates was founded by Richard Young, a former Royal College of Arts student obsessed by the quality and meticulous detail typical of 1950s Scandinavian furniture. Using beautifully finished glossy surfaces, Merrow Associates juxtaposed wood, steel and glass as a substitute for patina and marquetry.  The Merrow Associates brand, originally sold exclusively via Harrods and Heals, is renowned for quality and style.

This stunning Merrow Associates mid-century metamorphic table, designed in 1965 by Richard Young has a sleek modern appearance. The round teak top sits on a height adjustable stainless steel stand. To alter the table height, you simply turn the lever and lift the table up or down.

We've stripped and re-oiled the top and have cleaned the stainless steel base. 

As Merrow's manufactured furniture in small batches, their high quality pieces have a rarity value and have become increasingly popular over the years. This is a highly collectable piece of furniture and in our mind a future classic.

Designer / manufacturer
Richard Young; Merrow Associates

Approximate Dimensions
Diameter: 108 cm
Height: Adjustable

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