Illum Wikkelsø Teak Nest Of Tables

Illum Wikkelsø

Product description

One of Denmark’s great kept secrets, Illum Wikkelsø is known for his simple and functional designs that are inspired by natural organic forms. Wikkelsø drew inspiration from the Danish landscape and with great attention to craftsmanship, designed furniture pieces recognisable for their clean lines and soft waves.  The rich, organic quality of his designs affirms his status as an active proponent of Scandinavian modernism in the postwar era. 

This set of four nesting tables was designed in the 1960s. Made from teak, the side table contains three fold away tables. The tables all have a clever folding mechanism that locks into place, with a small brass handle on each side for sliding each individual table out. Great design, functionability and incredibly well made.

Designer / manufacturer
Illum Wikkelso for CFC Silkeborg

Approximate Dimensions
Side Table          Each Folding Table
Width:  59cm     Width:  43cm
Depth: 40 cm     Depth:  36.5cm
Height: 50 cm    Height:  44cm

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