Ernest Race Flamingo Chair

Ernest Race

Product description

Like many designers of the post-war era, Ernest Race was inspired by new technologies and materials that had been developed during the early forties. From 1945 to 1960, Race produced some of the most iconic designs of the post-war era. In stark contrast to the dreary backdrop of post-war austerity, Race’s designs were characterised by a playful use of modern materials and animated form. Many of his designs were named after exotic animals: Flamingo, Heron, Roebuck and Springbok appeared side-by-side in the new modern home.

The Flamingo chair was designed in 1957,and won the 1959 Council of Industrial Design award. Seeking a compromise between English traditional and Swedish modern, Race`s furniture was characteristically light and easy to handle, with clean lines and thin splayed legs. 

We have totally refurbished this beautiful chair. With the simplicitiy of its design and wonderful curves, the Flamingo chair is as striking today as it was when it was first designed 60 years ago. 

Price includes upholstery, but excludes fabric.

Designer / manufacturer
Ernest Race for Race Furniture Ltd

Approximate Dimensions
Width: 84 cm
Depth: 83.5 cm
Height: 91.5 cm
Seat Height: 37 cm

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