About us

Having had successful careers in the fields of design and finance, we found a mutual interest when we both began collecting and restoring mid-century furniture in order to furnish our own homes. Our eye for detail, design, fabric and colour soon led to a rush of requests from friends looking for interesting designer pieces to complement their own properties and so Mod De Lusso was born.

Our ethos is to offer our clients a range of eclectic exciting designer mid-century furniture, based upon our belief that this previously undervalued period in design produced some of the most creative furniture suitable for modern homes. We have a passion for the craftsmanship and creativity of mid-century designers and believe that our clients will cherish their purchases for years to come.

Whether our clients are looking to update their furniture or just require a signature piece, we find that the clean lines and refined quality of our stock offers a freshness that enhances their living environment.

All of our upholstered furniture is restored with natural high quality woollen fabrics, sourced wherever possible from UK mills. Our restorers sympathetically and where necessary strip and polish our wooden pieces so that the new finish is suitable for our client’s needs.

Our expertise in design means that we are able to offer clients a fully-fledged service, from purchase through to restoration. We offer a sourcing facility where clients are able to select the item they require, choose the fabric if upholstery is necessary and use our skills to bring it back to life according to their own requirements.

We believe passionately that a good piece of furniture enhances peoples well-being, that individual tastes are paramount to design and your own instinct overrides all else. There is no right or wrong in design, just different opinions. 

If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: ' Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.'  William Morris

Jo Hopcraft and Susan Hope